Bully Dance

This short animated film examines the roles of peer pressure, accountability and power struggles in bullying – a pervasive phenomenon.

When a bully picks on a smaller member of his group, the whole community becomes involved. The bully, they learn, is himself a victim at home.

Bully Dance is part of ShowPeace, a series of lively, animated films designed to explore conflict and dispute resolution.

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Film Credits

Janet Perlman
Janet Perlman
Janet Perlman
Janet Perlman
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
sound design
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Jean Paul Vialard
executive producer
David Verrall
Marcy Page

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  • carlophile

    “Petit film, sans texte, mais éloquent, qui fait référence à des situations désagréables qui se passent souvent autour des écoles depuis toujours. L'attention est soutenue par une musique rythmée et une chorégraphie qui dédramatisent et préparent bien la discussion avec les enfants.” — carlophile, 24 Sep 2010

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