NFB’s PixStop Stop-motion animation app

The NFB is proud to bring you
PixStop—a versatile, intuitive app that makes it easier than ever to shoot and score your very own stop-motion animation film.

Designed for the iPad 2, the PixStop app captures as many as 10,000 images to create mini masterpieces up to 13 minutes long. Novice-friendly features, helpful tutorials and intuitive controls make this the perfect tool for first-time stop-motion animators and a great mobile tool for more advanced users too.

  • Easy to use
    • Ages 10 and up
    • Creative and educational
    • Kid-friendly interface
    • 3 short tutorials to get you started
    • Sample movie included to fire up your imagination
    • Help window to explain all app functions
  • Built for endless hours of fun
    • Snap up to 10,000 images per film
    • Add cool music from your iTunes library
    • Adjust the speed of your film in an instant
    • Delete images with one touch
    • Personalize with titles and descriptions for easy reference
  • Just shoot and share
    Export to your camera roll and share with your friends on YouTube or by e-mail.
  • Tutorials by NFB experts include:
    1. Three Principles of Animation
    2. Creating a Flipbook
    3. Storyboarding Your Idea

Download the app.

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