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CAMPUS. Learning is our favourite subject.

The National Film Board of Canada has been a trusted educational resource for over seven decades. Today, thousands of NFB titles in every form and genre—from documentary to animation, feature film to interactive—are instantly available online. NFB productions rack up more than 14 million views every year.

And now our 21st-century teaching tools are more accessible than ever. Through CAMPUS, educators have an immense bank of innovative teaching resources at their fingertips. Our guides, playlists and sharing features allow you to easily tailor lesson plans to your students’ needs.

CAMPUS can turn any setting into an educational setting. Classrooms, homes, libraries, resource centres, offices and even boardrooms suddenly become places where learning comes to life.

You’ve heard of book smart. Now there’s movie smart.

Access the best Canadian productions faster than you can say “maple leaf.”

Documentaries, animated films, interactive productions and shorts in English and in French… we offer close to a thousand titles that you won’t find anywhere else. The latest releases and bestselling educational titles are also available to our subscribers at no extra cost.

Find what you want faster than you can say “ah-ha!”

Simply search the NFB collection by age and subject area to quickly identify suitable films and resources. Our educational film descriptions are written by Canadian teachers and are designed to help you easily select the material you need.

Knowledge has a highlight reel.

CAMPUS allows users to create their own chapters, playlists and film descriptions, making it simple to prepare lessons in advance. So you can edit out the sections of the film you don’t need, taking less time to illustrate your point and connect with your students.

Great minds are always expanding. So is our collection.

New films and resources are added to CAMPUS every quarter. Our team works with Canadian educators to determine the latest themes and trends in education. And we don’t stop there. We speak with educators every day to ensure that our teaching tools respond to educators’ needs. We then develop resources that are topical, keeping educators well-informed on the issues that matter.

Our search results produce results

Don’t have time to sort through the vast sea of online content? Come to CAMPUS first. Our channels and curated playlists are arranged by theme and provide classroom-ready collections of films and learning bundles.

Get students thinking by getting them talking

Our downloadable educator’s guides are available by subject and film. They provide context for NFB films, give you practical tips on discussing complex issues with students, and suggest film-related classroom activities as well as activities that extend beyond the school and into the community.

Hands-on learning in the digital age.

The NFB is a world leader in interactive productions, with an award-winning selection of titles on the cutting edge of interactive creativity and storytelling—works that are sure to engage and inspire digitally savvy students of all ages. Plus, they’re a perfect match for interactive whiteboards.

MARC Records & IP Authentication

Updated quarterly, Marc Records facilitate easy and accurate searches within existing library search tools. IP authentication services allow for institution-wide screening of NFB content.

Take your students on a 21st-century field trip

Our monthly webinars keep you up-to-date on CAMPUS developments and show you how to get the most out of this unique online educational portal. You’ll learn how to chapter, create your own playlists and determine which films work best for you.

The NFB offers customized CAMPUS services to a wide range of public and private organizations.

Including school boards, ministries of education, public libraries and government agencies, as well as private businesses and non-governmental agencies.

Yukon Government
ERAC achieving together
OCUL Ontario Council of University Libraries
CCSR 15 ans
OCLS Ontario colleges library services
BCELN British Columbian Electronic Library Network
and many more

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